Thursday, September 16, 2021

Why and why not

On September 14th 2021 this open letter made its way in the Magento Community. I quickly read it and was one of the first people to sign it. 
 But after a few hours I realized I should have waited a bit more to sign it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not sorry I signed. 
I'm just (not presently) amazed of what followed on Twitter. A lot of hate and backlash out on Magento. People starting shaking fists and bitching about what is wrong with Magento behaving like this is the start of a revolution. 

 But since I'm "pot committed" now, I decided to write a few words about why I signed up for and why I didn't sign up for.

I signed because....

  • No software system is perfect but every software system can be improved
  • I trust the people that started this (I consider most of them my friends). I think they have the best intentions and they are capable making improvements to Magento (the software).
  • I'm really on board with  Open Source in general. Made my life as a developer way easier.
  • I think devs should have alternatives when picking the software they want to use and improve. The more the merrier
  • I think companies should have alternatives in picking the software they use. The more the merrier
  • I think that every idea should pursued.
  • ...this paragraph in the letter: "We intend for this to be a collaborative effort, ideally together with the Magento Association, and (through them) with Adobe. We have already reached out to the Magento Association to work with them, but it will take time to build a common understanding of how to move forward."

 I didn't sign to....

  • start a revolutions
  • to see devs bite the hand that fed them for years
  • see people bitch about Magento or Adobe without bringing anything constructive to the table.
  • promote hate.

What will I do if this initiative succeeds?

  • will I stop using Magento? NO.
  • will I stop contributing to Magento one way or another? NO.
  • will I start using the forked version? I will at least give it a try. If I like it I will use it.
  • will I contribute to the forked version? Maybe (most likely)
So, to wrap this up, make sure you sign for the right reasons  and not out of frustration and hate.

PHP developer for 16 years, Magento developer for 13 years.....and counting.

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