Friday, December 22, 2017


I'm writing this post to announce I'm pulling the plug on my Ultimate Module Creator (UMC) magento module for Magento 1.7+.
The extensions has been brain-dead for a while, with the last significant commit being done about 2 years ago.
Maybe this was because I felt satisfied with what the module does, and I didn't see it necessary to invest more time to fix small issues that can be easily fixed after the module usage.
Maybe it was because of the lack of time....who am I kidding, of course is the lack of time.
One thing is clear. it can still be used.
First commit done on Jan 13th 2014. Almost 4 years ago.
254 stars, 87 forks, countless support emails, a few friends made on the way, and a few enemies.
I've learned a lot while developing it. It saved me a lot of work hours doing the monkey job nobody wants to do.
What can I was worth it.
Before UMC 1.9 there was his predecessor, named the same way because of lack of imagination, that was declared dead on May 1st 2014 and was started on Sep 28 2012.
So about 5.5 years of automated module creation. It has been fun while it lasted.
Feel free to fork it, make it better, redistribute it for free, sell it, use it to achieve world peace, trade it for a pizza and or a beer. The repo will remain up for posterity. Over and out.

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