Monday, November 23, 2009

Link customer login to store view? (for Pulse Digital Ltd)

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Problem: Limit customers to only one store view.

I don't think you can limit a customer to a single store view, and limit his access only to that store view.
The whole idea of store view is that you have multiple versions (languages or currencies) for the same website.
What you can do is to set up 2 (or more) websites, each one with specific prices and/or products and allow the customer to access only that website.
You can find a tutorial here and in the videos reffered here.
For example you set up and They can be hosted on the same machine and moderated form the same admin panel.
After that you can choose not to share the customer accounts from System->configuration->Customer configuration.
In the "Account Sharing Options" section set "Share Customer Accounts" to "Per Website".

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